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June Lindy Hop Workshop 2017

Posted by admin at 3:20 PM on May 17, 2017


Sunday 18 June

It's easy to make a start with Lindy Hop. Then you come to tackle the mysteries of social dancing 8-beat figures without losing your poise or connection, leaving the door open for variations yet keeping that lovely dance partnership going.
This workshop is for:
- Fast-learning beginners (if you bring a partner with you)
- Improvers and Intermediate dancers who want a big boost to their progress
- More experienced Lindy Hoppers who get frustrated that they cannot consistently deliver what they have learned to the level that they want.
We would recommend that you take some of our Tuesday classes at Norden Farm first to get the most out of the workshop.

The tempo will be dialed down for most of the workshop, allowing you to work on subtleties that make the difference between thriving and surviving on the dance-floor.
We will not throw dozens of variations at you but you will have opportunities to ask why you sometimes struggle with some steps that you have been taught.

If you do not have a partner then we ask that you register your interest with us before booking so that we can manage the leader / follower balance.

Use the link below for online sales or call the Box Office on 01628 788997. If you live locally or come to our Tuesday class then you can grab some tickets in person at the Box Office.

Lindy Hop Workshop

Tickets are available online and from the Box Office on 01628 788997

Workshop Flyer

Lindy Hop Workshop