Welcome to Berkshire Swing Dance
for Lindy Hop, Charleston, Jitterbug Boogie, Jive, etc.

Classes across Reading and Wokingham. Thank you for dropping in. Now join us in the joy of dancing.

Booking an Intro

Select your start date for Lindy Hop or Jive with a discounted 4-week block booking

Pre-booking to secure your start date and discounts for your first four weeks of Lindy Hop or Jive.

These reflect the dates on which we accept new beginners to these classes.

You do not need to pre-book to join our Charleston, Jitterbug Boogie or Stroll classes.

You can choose to pay by card or by PayPal.

Note: BEGINNERS COURSE FEES ARE DISCOUNTED They are not refundable unless we cancel. If you are unable to commit for four weeks then join on a start date at the pay-as-you go price.

Your first discounted booking can be made below. Please do this at least 1 day before the start date to allow us time to confirm your booking.

Book at Introduction to Lindy Hop

Pay by Card or with a PayPal account - it's your choice.

Pick a course by start date

Book at Introduction to Jive

Pay by Card or with a PayPal account - it's your choice.

Pick a course by start date

EXPERIENCED DANCERS. If you are a more experienced dancer who wants to join in our classes without taking the beginners course then please contact us.

You don't need to pre-book our regular classes for...

Jitterbug Boogie

You don't need to pre-book for regular classes for...

Lindy Hop or Jive so long as you start on an advertised start date. Pre-booking secures your place and secures your discount.

At some point you may want to take more than one class and we offer pay-as-you-go discounts for class combinations on the same evening.

Mondays combine Stroll and Jive for £8.
Tuesdays combine Charleston and Lindy Hop classes for £7 when ready.
Thursdays combine Charleston and Jive and Jitterbug Boogie or any two for £8 when ready.
Sundays combine Level 1 and Level 2 Lindy Hop for £8 when ready.

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