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We teach other dance styles on request and also hold occasional workshops to supplement regular weekly classes.

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Frequently asked questions

You should join our classes if...

  1. You want to have a lot of fun and a few challenges.
  2. You think that life is about DOING and not just watching.
  3. You want to use your mind and your body to gain long-term benefits for your fitness, balance and agility, mental health, self confidence and social life.
  4. You like music and either appreciate or want to gain an appreciation of swinging vintage musical styles like jazz, blues, jump blues, rhythm & blues, boogie woogie and some rock and roll.

The most important thing to wear is a smile - it will make your fellow dancers happy too.

For partner dances you need comfortable shoes that allow you to turn easily on the ball of your foot: they should be secure and flexible, preferably with a smooth sole. Clothing layers are a good idea so that you can adjust to suit the weather and the energy that you are burning. If you are exerting yourself during warm weather then a small sports towel can help you to stay fresh. Most dancer dress smart-casual. If you like to dress in vintage style that will be great so long as it won't stop you from getting the most out of the class.

We have weekly beginners classes at each venue.

To get started you usually need to begin on one of our starting dates and we have discounted Welcome Offers or courses available quite regularly.

You need a few weeks of classes to get a good basis in your chosen dance style and we include revision and practice time to help you along.