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What is Charleston?

The Twenties are about to come roaring back so why not get ready to party like it 2020!

The basic steps are thought to have originated near Charleston, South Carolina being performed locally as early as 1903 and reaching in New York stage shows by 1913. It was seen to express reckless daring, abandon amongst and restlessness of the jazz-age flappers and quickly became the rage across America.

Charleston has more variation than you might expect and if you sprinkle in some Jazz dance steps then there is plenty to play with. Charleston can be danced in more than one style and can be solo or partnered. It is very common to incorporate Charleston into other styles of swing dancing as it one of the most important roots of Lindy Hop, etc.

Our classes will teach you steps and also raise your general dance skills, with the long-term health benefits that brings, and will also improve any Jive and Swing dancing that you do.

We have chosen a competition video to show you how different dancers have different looks. The classes will be much less demanding than this video as you are probably not aiming to dance competitively. There will be plenty of revision and the tempo will be measured to make learning easier and to enable you to leave the class excited but not exhausted. So enjoy the video for inspiration but don't expected to be pushed near this level in these mixed-ability, mixed-fitness classes. You can start Charleston in a low-energy way and then choose if and when to dance more dynamically as you fitness allows.

We teach Charleston for beginners / improvers at in Reading and in occasional workshops - select to view class details:

Here is a simple Charleston Stroll