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RockinRhythm presents Berkshire Swing Dance, a selection of fun classes and social dance events across Reading, Wokingham and Bracknell.
Join us now in the joy of dancing.

Goody Goody Sunday Afternoons

Hours of relaxed swing dancing at Reading Lindy Hop on Sundays.

Back at Last

With life moving to a better place we are re-opening our social events for dancing in a super-relaxed environment.

Reviving memories of our 'Crazy S' Sunday Swing Sessions, we have moved 'Goody Goody' dances to our Reading Lindy Hop venue in Caversham. It is so well suited to these times, being spacious and airy.

With your support we can celebrate dancing together while choosing to stick or switch our partners, as each of us decides how many people we feel safe dancing with.

Sunday Social Swing at Reading Lindy Hop

27th March
26th June
28th August
25th September
6th November

If you prefer to pre-book tickets then apply HERE

Locate Your Destination

Join us at Reading Lindy Hop, St Andrew's Hall, Caversham.

Our lovely dance hall is behind the church and is accessed through the double doors at the side, via the car park on Albert Rd.

There is plenty of parking both on-site and on-street. Navigate to RG4 7PL.

For more info on Reading Lindy Hop and to see a location map visit the page HERE (map at the end of the page.)

Hours of Friendly Fun

Open from 2.30 to 6.00 pm.

Complimentary refreshments are available and you can also bring your own drinks / snacks to keep you going.

Contributing to the Rent

We ask for just £6 from those joining us for up to 3.5 hours of social dancing. We accept cash, contactless and cards.

The Goody Goody Club flier

Add Some Tuition Time

If you want more then you can join us for a swing dance class before Goody Goody and then practice what you learn!


Support for 'myaware'

During lockdown our family has been touched by a life-threatening severe case of the autoimmune disease, Myasthenia.

The UK charity 'myaware' works to support research into the condition and to support those impacted by it. We are inviting our friends and supporters to:
  • become more aware of this condition
  • make a contribution to fund 'myaware'
  • support our efforts during 2022 in this cause through these events.

Below is a link to the 'myaware' website. This is not a well known or 'glamourous' charity. Low awareness and consequent neglect of symptoms can lead to a medical crisis with long-term consequences through not seeking timely treatment.

Our efforts are motivated by our family experience of the impact of myasthenia.